Mediation provides a cost-effective alternative for resolving disputes without going to court

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People can resolve disputes without a trial. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to the different processes that include mediation. Mediation is confidential, less formal, and less stressful than traditional court proceedings. Mediation often saves money and speeds settlement.

In mediation, parties play an important role in resolving their own disputes. This often results in creative solutions, longer-lasting outcomes, greater satisfaction, and improved relationships.

In mediation, a neutral person called a mediator helps the parties to reach a mutually acceptable resolution of the dispute. The mediator does not decide the case but helps the parties communicate so they can try to settle the dispute themselves.

Mediation is a voluntary process to reach a mutually acceptable settlement of issues in dispute. Voluntary refers to parties that have freely chosen participation and freely made agreements.


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Parties are not forced to mediate and settle by either an internal or external party to a dispute. Mediation may be particularly useful when family members, neighbors, or business partners have a dispute.

Benefits of Mediation Include

  • Improve communication 
  • Help people achieve a better understanding of the situation and one another 
  • Save time and money spent on the conflict 
  • Address non-legal issues of importance to the people in conflict
  • Lead to longer-lasting agreements 

Mediation can be especially effective in family, neighbor, and business conflicts or where the people involved want to preserve their relationship.

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Small Claims Court in St. Louis, MO

Small claims court cases in St. Louis City and St. Louis County involve cases up to $5,000.

Resolving a conflict through small claims court is often an effective option, yet it isn't without its problems.

  • In small claims court, financial compensation is the exclusive remedy - goods or property cannot be sought.
  • The period of time allocated for small claims court to address your case is restricted - you may have just five minutes to expound upon your argument.
  • The outcomes of small claims court can be quite unpredictable - sometimes absolute certainty doesn't result in victory, and other times a weak case leads to success.
  • If you are initiating legal action against another individual, always be prepared for the possibility of being counter-sued in small claims court. After all, it is a real risk when engaging in litigation.
  • If your defendant does not agree to pay you immediately, then you must obtain a writ of execution in order to collect the money owed.

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