What to Expect When Starting Your Mediation Process

Are you ready to jump into the world of mediation? Whether you’re looking for a peaceful resolution to an ongoing dispute or simply need help navigating a disagreement, mediation can be an effective tool.

But what happens when your mediation begins? What should you expect? Let’s take a look at some of the key elements involved in starting and conducting successful mediations.

First, with mediation, you can choose to have the session(s) conducted via Zoom. Any required paperwork can be handled with DocuSign on a computer or handheld device. We can certainly meet in person if you feel more comfortable with that. 

However, if you file a small claims case in St. Louis County, MO you have no options and need to go to the courthouse and wait for your case to be called. When we have both parties together, either in person or via Zoom the mediator from Metropolitan Mediation Services™ LLC will begin as follows:


The purpose of our meeting is to help you work out an understanding acceptable to both of you to resolve the situation that has been developing for you.

Identify the Issues at Hand

After that, we will identify and agree on what the basic issues of disagreement are.

Determine Solutions

Then we will work together with you to examine exactly what you want from each other and what some possible solutions might be.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you find a solution that both of you feel comfortable with. Our goal as mediators is to help you figure out your own solution to your problems. You are the ones who will be living with your solution from here on, so we want you to be the ones who decide what the solution will be.

We won’t tell you what to do or try to judge who is right or wrong. We are much more interested in helping you to think about solutions for the future than in trying to judge what happened in the past. Mainly we are interested in helping to talk about a solution that both of you can live with.

Rest assured that any discourse between us will be kept strictly confidential.

Taking Breaks

Either of you may ask to take a break at any time during our discussion. For example, if you feel yourself getting really upset at any time and feel that you really need to take a break to simmer down a little, let me know, and we will take a little time out.

Sometimes it is helpful for us as Mediators to meet separately with each of you during our discussion, so we may be doing that occasionally as well. It is necessary for this process for each of you to sign this written agreement to mediate. Of course, you can look it over.

It says that you are participating on your own accord, that what you say here will be kept confidential, and that the Mediators will not be asked to release information discussed here, nor will they be summoned into court to testify on matters disclosed here.

Ground Rules

We would like to discuss ground rules a bit. We ask each of you to agree not to interrupt when the other person is speaking. We have placed paper and pencil here on the table so that you can keep notes about any responses to make. We also would like you to agree to avoid the use of any abusive language, name-calling, etc. These rules are especially important in the next part of our discussion here.

Now that we have an agreement to mediate signed and ground rules covered, we can begin.

Final Thoughts

Mediation can be a powerful tool to help resolve disputes between two parties. What happens when your mediation begins will depend on the type of situation and setting, but typically you should expect introductions, identify issues at hand, determine solutions, take breaks as needed, and establish ground rules for discourse.

With Metropolitan Mediation Services™ LLC we strive to provide an environment where both sides feel comfortable discussing their differences in order to reach a mutually acceptable solution that works for everyone involved. We are here to listen with understanding and respect so that all parties can move forward together in peace.

Give our team a call today to take the next steps in your mediation!