Neighborhood Dispute Resolution

Disputes between neighbors have existed since the beginning of time. The point in time when a neighborhood dispute escalates beyond a minor annoyance, feelings of anger can develop. From there the potential for verbal or actual physical abuse or property damage exists. Intervention at the earliest possible stage is an effective solution in neighborhood dispute cases.


Because these disputes are “personal” and often involve highly charged emotions, a mediator can help to facilitate productive solutions. Metropolitan Mediation Services provides a safe setting to help to resolve neighborhood disputes that have escalated and often have involved the police. Many neighborhood disputes involve the following:


  • Noise Issues: Barking dogs, loud music and parties
  • Dogs: Urinating and defecating on neighbor’s yard or sidewalk
  • Boundaries: Property lines, fences, and trespassing
  • Operating a home business: Using limited street parking and creating unwanted traffic
  • Spying: Setting up cameras directly at neighbor
  • Property Condition / Maintenance: No mowing and weeds, general home upkeep, trash and inoperable vehicles

 Bring Peace Back In Your Life With Neighborhood Mediation

If you have a neighborhood dispute, we encourage you to try and resolve it on your own with the parties involved calmly and respectfully. If not resolved, and you are building anger, or your neighbor is becoming hostile, we encourage you to contact Metropolitan Mediation Services to discuss your issue. If agreed, we will contact the parties involved and set up a two-hour mediation to constructively talk and listen to each other and find ways to solve the neighborhood dispute.

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