Disagreements and conflicts are inevitable in the workplace. Different people have different beliefs and viewpoints, and therefore, some people don't get along or agree with each other. Most of the time workplace conflicts are resolved by the parties on their own. However, workplace conflicts that don’t get resolved can escalate and can cause disruption in the company that include :

  • Absenteeism
  • Lost productivity
  • Lost business opportunities and customers
  • Reduced synergy and teamwork
  • Lawsuits from current or former employees

Besides economic losses, unresolved conflicts can cause chronic emotional aggravation and low morale for some employees. Others may experience mental health issues or depression.

Workplace mediation aims to manage conflict between team members. The mediator acts as an impartial person and they're looking to resolve the disagreement. The intention is to ease workplace tensions and work with the parties to develop solutions before they escalate into something more damaging.

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Mediation is normally best used when a disagreement initially pops up. Usually, the longer a dispute goes on, the greater the chances an employee may raise a formal grievance. This is especially critical if bullying or harassment is involved. However, the mediation process can help to rebuild relationships even after a formal dispute has been made.

Below is an abstract published in the National Library of Medicine on the effects of bullying in the workplace. Workplace Bullying, Anxiety, and Job Performance: Choosing Between “Passive Resistance” or “Swallowing the Insult”?

Conclusion was:

  • Workplace bullying has an effect on state anxiety.
  • Trait anxiety negatively moderates the relationship between workplace bullying and state anxiety.
  • Trait anxiety negatively moderates the mediating effect of the relationship between workplace bullying and organizational citizenship behavior, in-role behavior, and workplace deviant behavior.

The abstract can be found on the link below:

Metropolitan Mediation Services™ can help if there is bullying or other conflict issues at your workplace.


Metro Mediation Services is experienced in mediating and resolving conflicts in the workplace. All workplace mediations with the participants are confidential to ensure the parties feel safe in discussing issues in the workplace. Also, Metro Mediation Services is a very economical solution for conflict resolution services for your employees -The cost of a two-hour mediation session can be as low as $400.

Next Steps

The first step in the dispute resolution process is for a representative from the company: A member of Human Resources / Employee Relations team or the employee seeking resolution to contact Metropolitan Mediation Services via our Contact Us page or
call (314) 452-1533.